At Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors we pride ourselves on our high standard of personal care and attention to detail. All our staff are fully trained in all aspects of funeral service so that families in their time of need can feel at ease and comfortable with all funeral arrangements. Our company policy is that the member of staff who makes the funeral arrangements will be in sole charge of overseeing the funeral ensuring that the all details are adhered to faultlessly.

All our funeral directors are dressed impeccably with top hats and frock coats. We pace away all funeral corteges from the family home, Churches and our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are furnished to a high standard with a tasteful blend of modern and traditional. We have reception areas, private arrangement offices and chapels of rest and service rooms in all our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are ideally located to serve the local community.

We are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.( S.A.I.F.)

When Desmond Maguire started washing funeral cars at 15 years old, it didn’t take him long to notice how important a good funeral could be for a grieving family. Inspired to help those in need, Desmond took a job as a funeral service operative when he finished school. He gradually worked his way through the ranks to become a funeral director and in June 2006, he decided to open his own funeral home, aiming to deliver the very best funeral care.
A funeral is such a personal thing, and there are so many complex emotions to be given due attention, that to be chosen so often is a real honour and a privilege. It’s a constant source of pride and humility for Desmond that so many families entrust their funerals into his company’s care. 

Funeral Directors Bishopbriggs

Since 2006, Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors have been assisting families throughout Bishopbriggs with funeral planning services following the death of a close loved one.

We work closely with families to ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out and that they get the send-off they requested or would have wished they had made the plans for earlier.

If a Living Will was made and you need the assistance of our Funeral Directors to execute that part of the Will, contact us by telephone: 0141 424 0300

Should a funeral plan not be in place, we can assist with a range of funeral services, each customisable to suit your requirements and budget.

Funeral Services in Bishopbriggs

Our services are easier described by the style of the funeral as each can be tailored to suit the person the funeral plan is for.

A simple funeral

A simple funeral is low-key. It remains highly personable, just with a simple casket, hearsette for transport into our care and to the final resting place.

Traditional Funeral

Our traditional funeral service includes an oak-veneered coffin, hearsette for transport into our care and to the final resting place, and the use of our limousine to convey the closest family members from the home to the service, then on to the final resting place.


Eco-funerals are for those who expressed their wishes to be buried in an eco-friendly casket, or perhaps to have a natural woodlands burial. Eco-funerals are also known as green funerals. For these, we provide an eco-friendly casket that has been sourced responsibly. These can be requested for burials or cremations.

Each of our funeral services includes our professional assistance at every stage of the funeral planning process, the service, and any after support you may require from us.

One Person Contact

To minimise stress at an already difficult time, our policy is to give you a single named contact. The first person on our staff that you deal with remains with you throughout the funeral planning process. You will have direct access to contact them for assistance, advice, or to talk through any changes you remember that should be included in the funeral arrangements. Things often slip from memory when stress levels are at their peak following a bereavement.

Traditional Funeral Transport

We maintain our own fleet of funeral vehicles, each maintained in pristine condition and coach-built to our unique specifications. Each of our vehicles is a Mercedes Benz model with various seating capacities.

Should something different to traditional transport be more suitable, we can make arrangements for alternative funeral vehicles. Let us know what would be more suitable and we will do our best to make that happen.

Regardless of the type of funeral fleet vehicles used, our staff will uphold familiar traditions like paging away the funeral cortege from the family home, local church, or our funeral home. Every aspect of our funerals is conducted with dignity and respect.

Independent Family Funeral Directors in Bishopbriggs: Here When You Need Us

We are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (S.A.I.F), a professional body that upholds high standards across the funeral industry. At all times, our staff act with integrity, dignity, and respect.

As a small family-run independent business local to Bishopbriggs, we can be with you in your time of need.