We just wanted to say a huge thanks to Des, Mario and the team who took such good care of my Gran Margaret’s funeral yesterday. Everyone was very professional, very courteous and extremely helpful – nothing was too much trouble. From the quality of the cars and their presentation to the way that staff were turned out, everything was really excellent. We really appreciated some of the small touches, like Des tipping his hat to my Gran when we were leaving the funeral home and arriving at the Crematorium.

Huge thanks also to Des for stepping in to take the service too. It struck just the right balance and would have been just what Gran would have wanted. It captured something of her spirit & personality and helped folks get a better sense of the kind of lady she was.

Finally, a special mention to Audrey from me personally. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She empathized, listened, was very quick to respond and seemed to take a genuine interest in us / my Gran. A huge credit to you and the company.

With our heartfelt and genuine thanks once again

Kind Regards

Craig & Annette Irving (& Family)....

Absolutely professional. Just the special wee touches made everything perfect. Nothing was too much trouble. One of the hardest times in our lives and you guys came along and helped so much we will never forget your kindness and thoughtfulness. I’ve got so much respect for you all x

Louise Whitehead & Family

Excellent service from Desmond and all his staff, they all go the extra mile and nothing is a problem. Desmond has carried out 3 family members funerals over the years and I can personally recommend them. Sorry this has taken me 4yrs later to write this post, at this demanding time during Covid 19 I felt I had to share this, keep safe and prayers for all of you.

Lorraine Greig

I would highly recommend Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors. They carried out my husbands funeral, from my initial visit to their funeral home, I was put very much at ease as the funeral director did everything for me with no fuss and the only way I could describe the funeral home is it is furnished to a extremely higher standard than hotels I have stayed in, the funeral cars are split new Mercedes and the funeral account was very reasonable as I got quotes from three other funeral homes. I would rate Desmond Maguire’s the best company by a long shot and would highly recommend them, very professional courteous company.

Special Thanks
The best Funeral Directors by far Margaret

I would like to commend Desmond Maguire and all of his team for being extremely professional, patient, understanding, accommodating and empathetic. I cannot stress just how special they were at the handling of my dear dad’s funeral arrangements. From the outset their attention to detail and personal touch was such a comfort at a time when you need it most… Wonderful support and sincere staff, Wonderful support & empathy.

Stewart Arbuckle and family

I am writing to thank you for making my Dad’s funeral such a success and for making what was an extremely difficult time, under any circumstances never mind during lockdown, so much easier. Planning a funeral isn’t something any of us hope to be doing and it’s thankfully something with which I was totally unfamiliar but from beginning to end you presented me with clear, simple options and gave me the peace of mind that I wasn’t forgetting anything that needed to be done.

There were a few touches that stood out for me in particular that I’d like to call out for special thanks.

– putting us in touch with David Smith as our Humanist Celebrant – we got so many lovely messages about the service, how perfectly it fitted who Dad was and how well it was delivered. He gathered the information in a sensitive way and put together what we provided beautifully.

– the way the day itself was managed – the idea of handing out the Order of Service to people who had gathered at the house to pay their respects and send us off; asking us if we wanted to touch the coffin before we left; the ceremonial aspects involved in the whole occasion (walking the cars out to the main road to stop the traffic etc) which marked it as an important ritual but was in no way OTT ; being clear on what needed to be done to respect the COVID safety rules but at no point feeling intrusive or bossy

– bringing the ashes to us the day after the funeral as you knew I had to leave – not only the speed which was appreciated but I was expecting to drive to pick them up so it was lovely not to have to do that and instead get time back to spend with mum. In addition, Steven took the time to sit down with us and talk us through what we might do with them. He was also deeply reassuring for mum as we were left with such a lovely impression of how well and respectfully Dad would have been treated while he was in your care awaiting the funeral. That was a huge comfort and much appreciated.

A final note is to say in the light of these points re the quality of the service you offered that I also believe that you provided great value for money. 

Thank you again. Sharon Curr

Words cannot express how thankful we all are for everything you have done at the hardest time of our life’s. We are very grateful for everything honestly. Steven made and suggested so many personal touches to make that day extra special. You and yours staff go above and beyond.

Forever Grateful

Calum , Emily, Kerr Family