At Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors we pride ourselves on our high standard of personal care and attention to detail. All our staff are fully trained in all aspects of funeral service so that families in their time of need can feel at ease and comfortable with all funeral arrangements. Our company policy is that the member of staff who makes the funeral arrangements will be in sole charge of overseeing the funeral ensuring that the all details are adhered to faultlessly.

All our funeral directors are dressed impeccably with top hats and frock coats. We pace away all funeral corteges from the family home, Churches and our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are furnished to a high standard with a tasteful blend of modern and traditional. We have reception areas, private arrangement offices and chapels of rest and service rooms in all our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are ideally located to serve the local community.

We are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.( S.A.I.F.)

When Desmond Maguire started washing funeral cars at 15 years old, it didn’t take him long to notice how important a good funeral could be for a grieving family. Inspired to help those in need, Desmond took a job as a funeral service operative when he finished school. He gradually worked his way through the ranks to become a funeral director and in June 2006, he decided to open his own funeral home, aiming to deliver the very best funeral care.
A funeral is such a personal thing, and there are so many complex emotions to be given due attention, that to be chosen so often is a real honour and a privilege. It’s a constant source of pride and humility for Desmond that so many families entrust their funerals into his company’s care. 

Funeral Directors Giffnock

For over 15 years, Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors have been helping families in Giffnock arrange meaningful funerals of the highest standards with affordable fees.

As local Funeral Directors to the Giffnock community, we can offer an unparalleled level of support and assistance. Our Funeral Directors work hand in glove with our clients to take care of the most stressful aspects of planning a funeral. Handling the administration, advising on insurance policies, all while being respectful to the emotional hardship our clients are enduring.

Giffnock Funerals

Our Funeral Directors tailor funeral plans to our client’s exact wishes, whether that includes special requests for a unique memorial or professional services only.

We can handle some or all of the funeral arrangements, advise on any aspect and include special requests because planning a funeral for a lost loved one is one of the most personal events in life ever. The personal touches are important.

At Desmond Maguire, we provide care for the deceased in our Funeral Home near Giffnock, work with families through these difficult times, and help to thoroughly plan unique funerals to help family, friends,and relatives bond and heal together.

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As a hallmark of respect, transportation of the deceased from the family home, care home, or hospital to our Funeral Home is done with our hearsette. All of our staff have high regard for dignity and respect.

Once in our care, our experienced staff take care of the body, embalming (if requested), and preparing the body for viewing should an open casket service be chosen. We cater to open and closed funerals based on individual requirements.

Advice on Funeral Services

In situations where a funeral plan is in place, our team will strive to meet every aspect laid out in the plan.

Should you find yourself having to handle the funeral planning, it can help to start by narrowing choices down by style. Simple funerals are as the name suggests. All of the essentials, nothing over the top. Some people have this preference and may have expressed this in conversations about funerals before, even if they did not make preparations. After losing someone close, think about times they spoke of funerals. “When I die, I want to be ___”.

Traditional funeral services include a wood veneer coffin, hearsette, transport and a professional funeral service including the use of the viewing room. Special requests are catered to. It is not unusual when someone dies for us to be asked if we can provide an alternative funeral vehicle. We can and do. Whatever you feel would be more fitting to the life of the deceased, our Funeral Directors will do what we can to make special arrangements.

Our eco-funeral services are for those who have preferences for a natural burial, in an eco-friendly casket for either a natural burial in a cemetery or a green woodlands burial.

We are Members of the S.A.I.F

The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (S.A.I.F) is one of the largest trade bodies in the UK responsible for setting and upholding standards in the British funeral industry. A sector that is unregulated. As the name suggests, it is the trade body for “Independent” funeral directors.

Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors have over 15 years of experience helping families arrange bespoke funeral services in Giffnock.