At Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors we pride ourselves on our high standard of personal care and attention to detail. All our staff are fully trained in all aspects of funeral service so that families in their time of need can feel at ease and comfortable with all funeral arrangements. Our company policy is that the member of staff who makes the funeral arrangements will be in sole charge of overseeing the funeral ensuring that the all details are adhered to faultlessly.

All our funeral directors are dressed impeccably with top hats and frock coats. We pace away all funeral corteges from the family home, Churches and our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are furnished to a high standard with a tasteful blend of modern and traditional. We have reception areas, private arrangement offices and chapels of rest and service rooms in all our funeral homes. Our funeral homes are ideally located to serve the local community.

We are members of the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors.( S.A.I.F.)



When Desmond Maguire started washing funeral cars at 15 years old, it didn’t take him long to notice how important a good funeral could be for a grieving family. Inspired to help those in need, Desmond took a job as a funeral service operative when he finished school. He gradually worked his way through the ranks to become a funeral director and in June 2006, he decided to open his own funeral home, aiming to deliver the very best funeral care.
A funeral is such a personal thing, and there are so many complex emotions to be given due attention, that to be chosen so often is a real honour and a privilege. It’s a constant source of pride and humility for Desmond that so many families entrust their funerals into his company’s care. 

Funeral Directors Milngavie

Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors are local to Milngavie. Since 2006, we have been assisting families with funeral planning services. With decades of industry experience and a network of professional partnerships, we can cater to all types of funeral services. Simple or traditional funerals to eco-burials and natural burials, and we can assist with Repatriation Services too.

Milngavie Funeral Directors

We are long-time members of the S.A.I.F – Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors. As well as being a small and independent business, we are also family-run.

Our family have been in the business for decades. Desmond Maguire Limited was founded in 2006. As Funeral Directors, we have 15 years of experience helping families create memorable funerals of all types, each uniquely tailored to suit the preferences of individuals.

Single Point of Contact

As part of the funeral planning process, our aim is to reduce stress as much as possible for the families we assist. One way we do that is by providing a single point of contact service. The person you deal with first will become our co-coordinator. They will oversee all of the funeral planning, liaising with the rest of our staff to bring everything together.

For you, it means you can telephone, email, or call into our office and speak with the same person throughout. No need to repeat details to bring another member of staff up to date on what is happening.

Bespoke Funeral Fleet

As we are local to Milngavie, we can be with your family in your hour of need. We have our own fleet of modern vehicles (hearsette and limousines) and do not use private ambulances. Our Funeral Directors arrange for the collection of the deceased from anywhere in Milngavie in hearsette, be it from the family home, care home, or from a nearby hospital.

Collection and transport are dignified, and that is followed with the highest quality care standards being adhered to once the body of the deceased is within our care at our nearby funeral home.

Our vehicles are all coachbuilt to custom specifications and well-maintained. Our chauffeurs have years of experience. Our funeral cortege service follows traditional standards with staff dressed in frock coats and top hats. The funeral procession is paged away from the family home, local church, or our funeral home.

Funeral Home Near Milngavie

Our funeral home is located near Milngavie (approx. 20 minutes by car via the A739). Our facilities are tastefully decorated, have a chapel of rest, family room, viewing room, reception hall, and a service room with a seating capacity for up to 120 funeral attendees.

Personalised Funerals to Help the Healing Process

At Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors, we understand the funeral service is the last chance to say a final meaningful goodbye. It is a day that for many will begin the healing process. Sharing memories with your closest family, relatives and friends. A day to bond over memories. A day that will be an experience shared and remembered by all in attendance.

At Desmond Maguire, our staff are here to help families plan funerals that convey the life story of loved ones. The personal experiences, the stories that capture the life, the characteristics, and the personality of the deceased. To bring the best of their life together, to create a heartwarming service that helps all mourners in attendance come to terms with a loss and begin the grieving process.

In your hour of need, Desmond Maguire Funeral Directors are here to offer support and guidance with a personalised service tailored to your unique requirements.